Renovating To Create An Open-Concept Home

If you are looking to do a home remodel, one idea to consider is an open-concept house renovation. In residential architecture, an open floor plan refers to a home that has two or more common spaces that have been joined to create one larger open space. This is accomplished by eliminating partition walls. It frequently involves the kitchen, living room, and dining area being joined together to create one large “great” or family room. To create an open floor plan, a contractor will have to remove partitioning walls and may have to use heavy-duty beams or beams and pillars/posts to keep the structural integrity of the area intact.

Reasons To Create an Open Concept house

Most young home buyers want an open-concept floor plan and because of this it has become one of the top home remodeling options. This is especially true for older, smaller ranch or cape-style homes which typically have smaller rooms. While the actual home value may not rise as much as with other renovations, an open concept will make your home more desirable to potential buyers.

This plan creates a sense of openness and maximizes the rooms both visually and literally by eliminating dead zones and allows a more flexible use of the spaces involved. Having one open room allows for better flow of light and can make a small home feel larger.

An open concept floor plan is much better for entertaining, helps to create a sense of community, and increases family interaction. It also allows you to socialize and keep an eye on the kids during food preparation and clean-up.

How to Plan an Open-Concept Remodel

When deciding how to proceed with any home remodel, some things to consider are what you dislike about the current layout and any space limitations and challenges you want to resolve. You will need to determine how you want the floor plan you are creating to be used and how changing it will accomplish these goals.

Hiring an experienced home remodeler is important because there are many technical aspects to creating an open floor plan within an existing home. Walls will have to be removed and some of these may be load bearing or contain ductwork, plumbing, and/or electrical lines. New flooring will also have to be installed because removing the walls will leave voids in the existing floors.  

Along with removing the walls, the roof of the home may have to be fortified with load bearing beams or a combination of beams and posts. This will ensure that the home remains structurally sound and compliant with building codes and will pass inspections.

If a fully open floor plan is “too” open for you, you may want to consider a “broken” floor plan. This type of floor plan will open up some areas, while leaving others partially closed off for privacy.  This is usually accomplished by using half-walls, floating walls, or built-in shelving and storage that doubles as dividers. These structures still allow for free flow of light while keeping spaces delineated and they offer more privacy.

Experienced Renovators in Tucson

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