The Many Benefits of Carport Conversion

Many Tucson homes have carports instead of garages. Both carports and garages are designed to protect your vehicle from the elements, but a garage is going to do this more effectively. Carports are generally open on one or more sides and garages are fully enclosed and include a door and large shutter (garage door) that gives you access to the space. While carports offer more protection than parking on the street, there are several reasons you should consider as carport conversion benefits.

Carport Conversion Benefits:-

Increased Home Value

Simply stated, a garage adds more value to your home than a carport. Garages are more practical and desirable for most homebuyers and many state that a home without a garage is a “deal breaker.” In general, a garage has a stronger connection to the home itself and often looks more cohesive than a carport.

Garages are versatile spaces that can be used in many ways and can even be converted into a living space if the need arises. Current homeowners can enjoy the many benefits of a garage and know that they are making a solid investment.

Protection from the Tucson Elements

Tucson weather is brutal on your vehicle, even if it’s partially protected by a carport. Arizona’s high temperatures and increased sun exposure can destroy your car battery, fade your paint, and stress tires and fluid levels. All of these can lead to unexpected repair costs.

Since a garage is fully enclosed, it is better at protecting your investments. Heating and air-conditioning can also be added during the conversion, which provides even greater benefits and flexibility for how you use this new space.

Add Extra Storage and Living Space

A garage doesn’t just protect your car, it also provides security and storage space for items like gardening tools, cleaning supplies, and holiday decorations. Corso Construction can help you design your garage with smart storage solutions in mind that will maximize this space while still giving you room to park your vehicle(s).

Many people use their garage as an extension of their home. This can be a great place to keep a second fridge, freezer, or even the washing machine and dryer. The primary benefit of this is that it gives you extra room inside your house. You can even add a hobby area, “man cave,” or work bench in your garage. Having a full garage can also provide room to grow as it can be converted into extra living space in the future.

Added Security

Having a garage can protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism and can keep your belongings safe and secure. It can also keep out animals like pack rats that can indiscriminately chew the wiring in your car. Because it is fully enclosed it can provide a secure, private work space and a safe place for you and your family to move from your car into your home.

Convert Your Carport

At Corso Construction, we know there are many benefits of carport conversions. Our experienced team can help convert your carport into the garage you have been dreaming of. If you have any questions about carport conversions or any other home remodeling project, we have your answers and are happy to help.

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