Features of a Chef’s Kitchen

Americans are spending more time at home, and the kitchen has increasingly become the central gathering place for friends and family. It is also one of the most popular rooms that homeowners choose to remodel. Updating your existing space to a chef’s kitchen through best kitchen remodeling will better accommodate your needs and make the best use of your space. As a bonus, it also increases the value of your home. 

A chef’s kitchen is simply a kitchen that offers details that help a professional chef or home cook to create culinary masterpieces. This type of kitchen remodeling can incorporate many different styles and design elements, but there are some things that all have in common. Below, we list some of the most common elements of a chef’s kitchen.

Efficient Use of Space

A chef’s kitchen is designed for economy of movement and will incorporate different areas for food prep, storage, appliances, and other kitchen features. One common misconception is that you need a large, spacious kitchen, but this is not always the case. Having a large room is helpful, but making good use of the space available is equally important.

An open floor plan, islands, and plenty of storage will increase your work area. This extra space will allow for multiple people to prepare and cook food comfortably and to entertain guests. Details such as cutlery organizers and pull-out drawers will help control the clutter and place all of your utensils and gadgets within reach.

Top-End Appliances and Features

Appliances like your sink, stove, and refrigerator are the most coveted parts of the kitchen. 

Here are some appliances and features found in a chef’s kitchen:

  • Sub-zero refrigerator and freezer
  • High-end gas range with higher-than-usual British thermal units (BTUs)
  • Multiple ovens such as steam, convection, and air, for efficient cooking
  • Warming drawers to keep food hot
  • More than one sink, with two or more basins
  • Large capacity dishwasher or second dishwasher

Along with the appliances, another feature of a well-thought-out chef’s kitchen is how accessible the power is. Placing multiple outlets for countertop appliances or where you can conveniently charge your phone, tablet, and other devices will ensure efficient workflow.

Quality Lighting, Countertops, and Flooring

Abundant lighting is a critical component of every kitchen remodel. Lighting food prep areas enhances safety and comfort, and the correct ambient and accent lighting will bring visual interest to your room.

There are a variety of work surfaces available that are ideal for a chef’s kitchen. It is important to choose a countertop that can handle the heat from the oven, stove, and any pans and baking dishes. The right countertops for serious cooks are also stain-resistant and easy to clean. These can include glass, stainless steel, and ceramic or porcelain tile.

Choosing flooring that is durable, comfortable to stand on for long periods, and is easy to clean can be challenging. Less traditional flooring in the kitchen, such as cork, bamboo, luxury vinyl, and linoleum, is easier on the feet and joints.

Upgrade to a Chef’s Kitchen with Corso

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